Jean-Baptiste DAVID is founder and CEO of Cyrano-group. He has over 15 years’ experience in team management and crisis management.

Its expertise focuses on collective effectiveness (collaboration, commitment, cohesion), the assertion of timely leadership (anticipation, adaptability, responsiveness) and benevolent management (empathy, trust, communication).

Its multi-cultural team is made up of African and international experts, to meet the needs of the region’s major groups and the challenges of tomorrow.

Jean-Baptiste has carried out numerous missions in Africa and the Middle East, leading teams in complex situations and degraded environments. Holding several managerial positions in security intelligence and crisis management, he has acquired solid skills in conducting sensitive operations, strategic anticipation and managing multi-disciplinary and international teams.

For several years, he also supervised a structure for the reintegration of young adults with social and professional difficulties (personal assessment, training, orientation, support towards employment), where he constantly endeavored to link human and professional training.


A graduate of the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, Jean-Baptiste DAVID holds a degree in Political Science, a Master 2 in People and Organization Management, a specialized Master in International Security and Defense, as well as professional certification in functional and operational unit management. Deeply committed to human and interpersonal relations, he has developed specific expertise in team management and leadership assertion.