“Managing Towards Efficiency” Training

Collaborative commitment and collective success

  • Team management to achieve a common goal: managing authority, effective delegation, developing positive relationships.

  • Developing communication skills to convey information clearly: developing interpersonal communication skills, active listening, formulating clear, concise messages.

  • Leverage complementary skills and boost overall team performance: managing individual differences, collective decision-making, effective feedback techniques.

Target audience: middle managers or future managers.

Topics covered

Tailored to the beneficiary’s wishes
  • Leadership, effective communication, time management, mission management, conflict management, collaboration and teamwork, decision-making, change management, performance assessment, skills management, collective intelligence and effectiveness.


  • Discover the tools, procedures and reflex actions derived from military methods to help managers make decisions and lead their teams.

  • Several practical situations, in teams, outdoors, accompanied by a trainer.

  • Debriefing on each situation (listening, action sequence, analysis, solutions and encouragement).

  • Transcription of participants’ experience of their professional environment.


  • Former military executives specializing in crisis management.

  • Experienced executives from the private sector.

Practical details

  • Time to internship after first contact: 1 to 6 months.

  • Course duration: 1 to 4 days.

  • Location: defined by us or your choice.

  • Rates: between 350,000 FCFA and 650,000 FCFA / day / person (depending on services, number of participants, duration of course…). Accommodation and catering not included.