“Country acculturation” Training

The expatriate’s toolbox

  • Country discovery: general presentation of the country.

  • In-country management: specifics of the local working environment and local employees.

  • Reassure your staff: presentation of health and safety points of attention.

Target audience: all expatriate staff wishing to integrate as smoothly as possible into their new environment and receive guidance on health and safety issues.

Topics covered

Tailored to the beneficiary’s wishes
  • Regional context, history, geography, populations, religions, economy, politics, possible risks and dangers, health situation.


  • Practical training and hands-on workshops.

  • Dynamic exchange and response to fears and concerns.

  • Practical advice for managing integration and overcoming fears.


  • Former military executives specializing in crisis management.

  • Experienced local managers.

Practical details

  • Time to internship after first contact: 1 to 6 months.

  • Course duration: 1 to 3 days.

  • Location: defined by us or your choice.

  • Rates: 550,000 FCFA and 650,000 FCFA / day / person (depending on services, number of participants, duration of course…). Accommodation and catering not included.