Cyrano-group is a company that strengthens the potential of managers, civil decision-makers and teams in West Africa, through an original approach that develops assertive leadership, benevolent management and collective effectiveness.


  • We offer companies training in operational management, strategic leadership and team spirit, adapting the best of the military world to the demands of the civilian world.

  • The operational experience of our trainers and the immersive aspect of our courses will enable you to reveal your deepest qualities as well as those of your colleagues.

  • We use experiential teaching and field workshops to go beyond traditional academic training models. In this way, our programs highlight the “blind spots” that can affect any organization.


Our aim is to deliver training courses tailored to your company’s requirements. Depending on your needs, these will enhance your individual leadership, strengthen your group spirit, reinforce your management techniques, or accompany you in your transformation.


Let’s all be little Cyranos

Soyons tous de petits Cyrano


Boldness is a fundamental value that we emphasize because we firmly believe that it is the driving force behind innovation and progress. In an ever-changing world, bold leaders are those who dare to push boundaries, challenge the status quo and explore new avenues. We have chosen audacity because it embodies the courage to take calculated risks to achieve ambitious goals. It inspires creativity, fosters adaptability and encourages our customers to step out of their comfort zones to make significant advances in their leadership and business management.


Caring is another core value that guides our approach to training. We are convinced of the power of benevolence to create positive and inspiring work environments. It encourages empathy, mutual understanding and cooperation within teams. We chose benevolence because it fosters harmonious relationships, where each individual feels valued and respected. It builds trust, facilitates open communication and creates leaders who genuinely care about the well-being of their people.


Excellence is a value that sums up our commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. We believe that the pursuit of excellence is essential to remain competitive in an ever-changing world. We have chosen it because it drives us to constantly surpass ourselves, to seek perfection in our training programs and to encourage our customers to strive for excellence in their leadership. It’s based on the quest for continuous improvement, rigor and attention to detail, and it motivates us to be the best in our field to offer our customers an exceptional training experience.